Technical and legal expertise and representation in construction disputes

Our survey reports are prepared taking into account they may be presented as evidence in Superior Court, Small Claims Court or in arbitration proceedings.

Throughout the years, several of our employees have been recognized as building experts in numerous cases.  Our impartiality and concern in establishing facts for the party retaining our services make us a respected company in our field.

Whether you require our services for a survey to enforce your rights or to defend your interests in a legal action for hidden defects, we will present facts as they are and will make you benefit from our expertise to establish the nature of disorders, their hidden nature, anteriority and impact on the situation.

We are also qualified to act as consultants in litigation involving experts, insurers, bond issuers or contractors.  For instance, various technical and legal documents (third party survey reports, plans and specifications, etc.) will be consulted to establish responsibility of the parties, provide a professional opinion on their content and issue technical recommendations on eventual corrective work.

Please contact us for references on projects under litigation.